We pick up on things constantly. We sense things about people and situations every day. We know things, even though we don’t know how we know. Although it may be hard to explain, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Intuitions, gut instincts, dreams, visions, and feelings are all hard to prove. Yet to a psychic, these are all real, and they are all energy.

But who do you talk to about these kind of things? Where do you go to develop your talents, to become even more skilled? At InVision, we offer a solution. Through our classes, workshops, events, and readings, you can get communication not only about being psychic, but also about how to develop your own natural abilities to an extraordinary level.

InVision River North Balcony  

InVision River North Balcony


Founded in 2003, InVision is a school dedicated to the development of this remarkable human potential. At InVision, you can join with others to grow your psychic abilities and enhance your awareness. We offer psychic classes, workshops, events, and readings. There are a variety of opportunities to participate both In Person or Online.  At InVision you will learn how to use psychic abilities to create a more meaningful, healthy, and joyful life.

Psychic Classes

Psychic Classes at InVision give you the information and knowledge to develop your own psychic skills. The goal of each class is to have you be self sufficient and comfortable developing your abilities on your own. Each Class is taught by a trained psychic with years of experience both as a psychic and as a teacher. In addition to our core classes we also offer specialty classes on a variety of topics.

Psychic Workshops

Psychic Workshops are 1 to 3 hours in length depending on the Workshop. They are offered both online and in person. Many are open to everyone, and some are available only to students who have graduated a certain class, training, or skill level.

InVision River North 17th Floor Lounge

InVision River North 17th Floor Lounge

Psychic Events

Psychic Events include Special Readings, Meditations, Question & Answer Sessions, and Meet Ups. At in person gatherings, those who attend tend to stay and chat with other students and share refreshments. 

Student Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are offered by our advanced students. They are a way to learn about yourself and ask questions. It is a fun way to learn about being psychic.

Professional Psychic Readings

Professional Psychic Readings are offered by our highly trained staff at InVision. The Professional Readers at InVision have years of experience and training in reading and interacting with energy.  Click on Readings with Staff to find each staff member's availability.

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