Did you know that InVision has an Online Community? This is different than our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or our Website.

In addition to each of these, we have our own private Social Media network that we use to stay in touch with each other, our friends, and students all across the World. And it is starting to become quite a busy place.

Once you become a member of InVision, you automatically receive an invitation to join the Online Community. You will get to be part of a growing community of people who are all interested in personal growth, psychic abilities, and being extraordinary everyday. InVision has members doing the impossible on a daily basis, in a variety of creative fields of play.

So how do you get to be a member of InVision? Simply by participating in one of our many Psychic Classes or Workshops. It’s that easy!

You will get an email inviting you to join the InVision Community. Once you sign up, you will be part of a Private Group for your class or event that you signed up for. The InVision Online Community has over 25 different Private Groups within it. Each one is associated with a particular Psychic Class or group participating at InVision.

And you can also drop by Clairvoyant Cafe, a Public Group for all members of the InVision community to see and share what is happening with the larger pool of people in all of the Psychic Classes.

Clairvoyant Cafe
“Clairvoyant Cafe is a Public Group (within InVision) for all things InVision and Psychic. You are encouraged to post what you would like to share with the larger community. Please keep it respectful and InVision-esque! So sit down, relax, pour a cup, and enjoy the conversation.”