Join us for Meditation and Winter Mimosas at our beautiful River North facility in the heart of Chicago! This is a unique opportunity for you to meet the Woman’s Staff, see InVision River North, learn about being psychic, and start the year with a wonderful psychic meditation. Get a taste of a “Winter Mimosa” and what the Woman's Program at InVision has to offer.

This is the year to come to InVision. This is the year to make yourself more psychic. And this is the year to make yourself extraordinary! We are launching new and exciting opportunities for women this semester and we want to tell you about it. Come meet the Staff of the Woman’s Program and learn about what is possible.

Woman's Meet and Greet: Meditation and Winter Mimosas
Saturday, January 28th
11:00am - 12:30pm

InVision River North
20 W. Kinzie, 17th floor
Chicago, IL. 60654

 Here is a preview of what we will be talking about:

  • Woman's Psychic Events 
  • Pop Up Gatherings for Women like ‘Wine, Chocolate and Woman's Readings.’
  • Clairvoyant Readings Online
  • Woman’s Spirit Healings
  • Psychic Classes for Women
  • Clairvoyant Trainings for Women
  • New Workshops on Flirting, Creating Your Style, Female Creativity, and many more!

Click here to sign up for this event! Space is limited, so sign up early. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates. This is a free event.

We’re very excited to be Women and Psychic in 2017. See you there!