I woke up this morning with a sparse list of appointments and obligations for the day. Easy day, I thought. As usual I began the day with a meditation. Since I woke up feeling a sense of pressure and slight, yet constant urgency I thought I'd need a heavy duty meditation to combat the energy.

Rather than immediately reacting to it, I chose to look at the energy outright. So I did. I looked at the energy causing the freak-out and unsurprisingly it was not my energy at all. I used my tools and created some space from the invasive pressure. Not a problem.

So I meditated and was able to have a light and refreshing experience, allowing me to set a  brand new tone for the day for myself. Not as a reaction or as a judgement, but just what felt good to me in the moment.

 So I continue my morning rituals, making tea, shower, emails, etc. I notice what my body is craving for breakfast and it doesn't seem to match my mood nor my current eating habits. Interesting. 

Should I indulge? Is my body telling me something? Am I just that out of touch with myself? Let me take a look. Oh. Right, this is that energy that I face whenever i am swiftly moving ahead. Tricky energy! Glad I saw that, I cleared it out real quick. My body kind of chuckles from the inside, and the craving has vanished.

Ok, back to getting my day going. Things are moving smoothly, everything seems to be responding to my awareness....or is my psychic awareness turned on by all that's moving around me? Not sure. 

Next thought is the finishing touches that I created last night for an upcoming surprise for a friend. The cool thing about being clairvoyant is that when you can see energy, you can look forward, backward, and right in front of you. Everything seems to be in place for the surprise and the extra touches from last night seem just right. 

Can't wait to see her face! Well, I kind of see it right now...there goes my phone. Stress fills my shoulders immediately. Who just texted me?? Oh, of course. It was her. "Random" text out of the blue. She's completely unaware that she's totally picking up on something. This is so fun. 

Looking at the day I see what's laying in wait, and I also see a field of space for the unknown and new experiences and engagements. This is why I love being Psychic. There's room to see a lot, yet so much to experience in the midst of living.

~ Christopher Rhodes, Director of Clairvoyant Training at InVision