5 Minutes with Kirstin Travers...
We spent 5 minutes with Kirstin Travers, Director of Psychic Classes at InVision. She teaches in the InVision Meditation, Female Intuition, Energy Healing, Creating Abundance, Woman's Healing, and Dreams Classes. She's an intuitive with a flare for style!

What was your first Psychic experience? 
My initial psychic experiences happened when I would lie awake with my eyes closed. I would lay down for a nap during the day, and as soon as I closed my eyes, these little vignettes would play out in front of me. The scenes didn’t make sense, but they were just so fun to watch and see. It was so cool. 

How do you nerd out?
When I’m really intense and I’m overwhelmed with my feelings I’ll listen to a podcast of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” instead of music when I work out. Nerdy humor is my healing.

What inspires you?
Strangely, glass. My Dad collected antique glass bottles and his love for fine, transparent and colored glass rubbed off on me. I am constantly in search of the perfect champagne glass or high-ball, perfume bottle or vase. 

What is your favorite psychic TV show?
I just finished watching the “The Man in the High Castle”, a spy thriller with alternate realities, time loops, and a real examination of the human condition in times of war and true oppression. It was riveting.

What’s your favorite cocktail?
My latest pleasure: Manhattans! There’s a restaurant in Chicago called TWO. Their cocktail, eleven thirty TWO, is the best version of a Manhattan I’ve ever had. So yummy! I still regularly fall back on a dry Kir Royale or a smooth Cosmopolitan (not too tart!). I stick with the classics. 

What is your most useless psychic talent?
Knowing which of the four elevators will arrive when I push the button in my office building. That’s my killer intuition working for me.

What is the last psychic book you read?
I’m reading The Mists of Avalon right now by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

What is your latest project?
I am teaching a brand new psychic class on Dreams. It is focused on developing Dreaming from a psychic perspective. We will be using your psychic tools from the Meditation Class to secure a good night's sleep and your ability to dream new Dreams!