We spent 5 minutes with Emily Robinson.
Emily teaches a variety of different Psychic Classes and Workshops at InVision including: Energy Healing, Psychic Yoga, Meditation, Having Relationships, and Kundalini Energy. Emily is an established Yoga teacher with years of experience and a thriving practice. She is a an Empath with a passion for music and dance.

What was your first Psychic experience?
I had lots of imaginary friends and would teach and lead them in some way.

How do you nerd out?
I nerd out on romantic comedies for sure.

What inspires you? 
Music and Musicians, I love them! I love how they take energy and make magic out of it as it comes through their body or their instrument.  So inspiring.

What is your favorite psychic TV series? 
Super Store is super healing for me to watch as a Psychic. I love the lightness and sweetness that make me laugh and cry at the same time. I love watching humanity and how people interact.

What is your latest guilty pleasure?
Tortilla chips.

What’s your favorite cocktail?
Cosmopolitans, yeah I have a thing for sweet drinks. 

What is your most useless psychic talent? 
Whenever anyone loses their keys and they tell me they lost their keys, they always seem to find them right after telling me. I don’t have to do anything, they just tell me and it’s like I set off some radar that leads them to where they’ve gone missing.

What is the last psychic book you’ve read? 
The Spy by Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, which I have just recently re-read. It's one of my favorites.

What is your latest project? 
 I am really excited to be teaching the HAVING RELATIONSHIPS class starting in May! It is all about relationships from a psychic perspective and how to use your psychic tools to create and clear the relationships that you are desiring.