Whenever a door closes, a new door opens up. And so it is with "Clairvoyant Cafe," the Online Community Page of InVision. The door is closing. It has served us well over the last few years as a place to check in with each other, share our experiences, and be part of a Psychic Community. It is with gratitude and appreciation of everyone’s participation that we are now closing Clairvoyant Cafe.

We are embarking upon a new direction with our Psychic Community. Because we have moved to an Online School and we want to be able to deliver the best possible experience, we need to destroy the old in order to make way for something new. 

One of our first announcements is our new Community Forum, “Telepathic Chat." Telepathic Chat replaces what Clairvoyant Cafe was; it is the Online Community Page for all things InVision and all things Psychic. Listen in, chime in, and share your thoughts and feelings about being psychic.

Like Clairvoyant Cafe, Telepathic Chat is by invitation only. All students of InVision have been invited in to be part of the new Psychic Community pages. If you haven’t received an invitation, please reach out to one of the Staff so that they can invite you in.

There is much more to come in our Community, but first you’ll need to get into Telepathic Chat in order to see what lies ahead.

In gratitude, 
~ Kenneth Jones, Founder of InVision