The Lathraea Clandestina (Purple toothwort).

The Lathraea Clandestina (Purple toothwort).

At InVision, we have an abundant Woman's Program, which includes events, workshops, classes, and Trainings. In addition to the Program, there is something new coming for the psychic woman at InVision. We are proud to announce that there is a new community page coming to Convo: Clandestina.

Clandestine is characterized as something illicit done in mystery or underground, and Clandestina is a woman who embodies this idea. She is a mysterious woman with magic, and abilities beyond what the eye can see.

Clandestina is a Community Page for Women studying in InVision’s Psychic Classes and Trainings. Listen in, chime in, and share your thoughts and feelings about being a psychic, clandestine Woman.

We are looking to take the experience of the psychic woman and bring it online, so we can create connections, share experiences, and keep up with happenings at InVision. 

You can join Clandestina by invitation only. If you are a student of InVision and would like to be invited to our new Psychic Community Page, reach out to me at so I can invite you in.

~Natalia Jones, Director of the Woman's Program at InVision