Every morning when I wake up, I have a similar routine.  Scroll through social media? Check. Get out of bed? Slowly check. Turn on morning playlist? Check. Figure out what to wear? Hold on.

  As I open the door and stare at my overflowing closet full of colors and different shapes and styles, I definitively think to myself, “I have nothing to wear.” I look through each shirt, dress, and skirt, but nothing seems to work.

 This is because finding an outfit completes half of the battle for the day.  In finding the right outfit, the energy is set from there. That can feel like a lot of pressure when I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m still rocking bedhead.

  What I’ve found is that to pick out the right outfit, I get to be very psychic! I don’t need to solve my outfit for the day, but instead I use my intuition to match the different pieces and accessories.  At first, normally it doesn’t make sense, but when I see everything together, I’m amazed at what I created!

   I have created my whole day, just by picking out my outfit. It’s like laying the foundation for how you want your day to be, setting the energy for how I want things to look and feel.

  Style is not about fashion and finding an outfit, for me it’s about making yourself and your life a piece of art. I get to bring all of these small elements together to create something totally new and different.

I get to decide what my day will be like, and how I want to be that day.  Learning to integrate my psychic abilities into my style has changed everything!

  Interested in more talk about fashion? That is what we will be discussing in the upcoming workshop, ‘Creating Your Style.’  This is part one of a series for the Urban Psychic Lifestyle for women.

You will get to learn how to create your own unique style, using your intuition to tap into your own energy. In this way, you bypasses Fashion (what outside forces tell you to wear) and instead use your clothing, look and feel, to transform your energy.

Psychic Workshop: Creating Your Style
Friday, March 10th
7:30 - 9:00pm

The Workshop is held "Live in our Online Classroom. Sign up in our Workshops page. Contact Autumn at autumn@invisionpsychic.com for more information.
~ Autumn Jones