The rustling of tuning instruments make their way to the ears of audience members as each performer does their pre warm up routine. Hours and hours of preparation have accumulated into this exact moment in time. How does your body feel? What are the sensations around you? 

A performer's experience is filled with opportunity and expression of self. Stepping into a world of freedom and unknowns. On stage something can happen within an instant. As a performer you are free to roam through time picking up the information of past and allowing it to live and breathe within the present. How can something feel so real and true in a single moment yet have been rehearsed and done a thousand times? Yet no two nights are the same. 

A space is created and a moment in time is seen. As a performer there is an obligation to give and communicate from a very vulnerable place which can sometimes take a toll on your body and spirit. As a creative and an expressive being its easy to get lost with in the fast moving life style and forget about the person running the show in your life: You! 

For the month of April I will be offering a Specialty Psychic Reading for the Performer. In this reading we will be exploring you and your truth as a performer helping you navigate back to the true essence and state of your expression. 

Some of the topics I will be looking at are; how do you communicate with your audience, being seen and the energy you handle when auditioning, calling back your energy from previous performances and why you do what you do.  To perform is a gift but to perform from your truth is Magical.

In addition to being a Psychic at InVision. Tessa has been a performer throughout her whole life. She lives in London, England and performs onstage throughout the week as a Professional Acrobat. Book a Reading with her on the Psychic Readings Page or you can contact her for more information at: