Five Minutes with Francisco Gutierrez
We spent 5 minutes with Francisco Gutierrez, an InVision Meditation Teacher. In addition to teaching meditation, Francisco is also InVision’s Social Media Buff and a Staff Member in the InVision Six Week Psychic Classes. He has a passion for life, houseplants, and everything psychic!

What was your first Psychic experience?
When I was about 7 years old, I remember sitting in the front seat of my parent’s car, waiting for the stoplight to change from red to green. As my father was complaining that the “light was taking forever”, I remember just knowing that the moment my father said that, the light would change and to my surprise, it did. Now, whether it was conscious or not, it became a psychic game for me. At every stoplight, I would test my intuition and see if I can guess when the light would turn from red to green. 9 out of 10 times, I was right!  

How do you nerd out?
My latest nerdy moments have been with my houseplants. This year my partner and I got a membership to The Botanical Gardens and are signing up for new horticulture classes this spring! Houseplants are much like having pets; you feed them, you care for them, and if your me, sing them a little tune here and there! My partner calls them my “plant babies”.   

What inspires you?
This may sound a little cheesy, but I’ve always said that I’m inspired by humanity. As humans, we are always pushing ourselves to new limits, creating the unthinkable, and constantly shifting the way we perceive the world around us! 

What is your favorite psychic TV show?
Hands down, WESTWORLD! Its on HBO and it's incredibly brilliant. The whole show is about consciousness, history, and the human experience. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
Definitely cookies. If I’m being picky, Oreos with a cold glass of milk. Anytime I have cookies in my house, it’s a dangerous thing. I love all cookies, except chewy ones… I'm definitely a crunchy cookie kind of guy. 

What is your favorite cocktail?
A Whiskey Ginger! Preferably with Makers, Reeds Ginger Beer and a lime! It’s crisp, refreshing, and hangover free! 

What is your most useless psychic talent?
Knowing song lyrics. I don’t know how I know them and I can even recite them after the fact. Knowing the lyrics usually kicks in when I’m driving around with friends or out on a dance floor! 

What is the last psychic book you read?
 “Shock Treatment” by Karen Finley. It’s raw, real, and poetic. It’s a collection of short poems that express real life experiences in an original and in your face type of way.  

What is your latest project?
Creating my InVision Meditation Class! I’m a new teacher here at InVision and it’s been exciting to create and add some flare to a class that has been around for a long time! Teaching is a passion of mine, and it’s been exciting to get to work and collaborate with some world-class psychics!