We spent 5 Minutes With Renee Picard. Renee is the new Director of Astral Training at InVision. She is a world traveller and loves big cities!

What was your first psychic experience
I remember a dream I had when I was 3 or 4 years old. We were living in Tokyo, Japan. In the dream, I remember walking on a rough path down the side of a mountain and passing a huge face hewn into the side of the mountain. It was important to interact with that face for some reason. It’s ironic that one of my strongest memories from that part of my childhood is a dream, not my life in Tokyo! I hardly remember that at all.

How are you a nerd?
I’m a history buff, always have been. I was once the only woman in a long line of men at a book signing for a major British military historian named John Keegan. Definitely a nerd moment for me.

What inspires you?
Great art. Paintings, dance, music, theater, films, architecture, photography. To me a great play beautifully written, acted, and directed is the highest of art forms. Human beings reflecting the human experience back to other human beings. I still get chills over the ritual of it all every time the lights go down in a theater.

What is your latest project?
I’m moving into the directorship of the Astral Program at InVision this semester! Dare I say it’s a dream come true?

What is your favorite psychic tv series?
I’m into Legion. The main character is all over the place on different planes of existence. It completely suits my move into the Astral Training Program!

What is your latest guilty pleasure?
Battle scenes in the tv show Vikings. They are the best. I love good battle scenes!

What is your favorite cocktail?
I enjoy a really good red wine, and luckily I have a husband who knows how to choose one. 

What is your most useless psychic talent?
I am at the door before the GrubHub delivery person is even up the steps. I just know when they are there. Very useless!

What is the last psychic book you read?
I am reading The Silk Roads. People think history is boring and methodical. To me, it’s everything we are rolled into one big story. How could you not be interested in your own story?