We spent 5 minutes with Autumn Jones. Autumn is a teacher in the Woman's Clairvoyant Training I. She is passionate about communication, languages, and travel and she offers her Readings in English, Spanish, and French. 

What was your first Psychic experience?
When I was little I would always have intuitions or feelings that something was going to happen. I knew what the lines would be in movies, or I knew how people were feeling and thinking. A lot of the time, I would have dreams about things that were going to happen.

How do you nerd out?
Anything and everything French. It all started when I began studying the language, and continued to when I was living there. Whenever I meet anyone who is French I get kind of starstruck, and I love to hear about any news from over there. You could call me a little obsessed…

What inspires you? 
Skylines inspire me. I love seeing the horizon with a beautiful skyline of the city. It’s inspiring to see something so massive and beautiful that has been created.

What is your favorite psychic TV series? 
Stranger Things is an incredibly psychic TV show. Eleven is so psychic, she is able to move through different dimensions and use telepathy. I can’t wait until season 2 this year!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I will still have a good listening session to Justin Bieber. 

What’s your favorite cocktail?
My favorite is the Lillet Rosé Martini. It’s very floral, light, and fun!

What is your most useless psychic talent? 
I can guess next song on the radio, but only for B96 and 103.5.

What is the last psychic book you’ve read? 
Right now I’m in the middle of reading the book Dune. It’s a sci-fi adventure novel and it is so psychic.

What is your latest project? 
My latest project has been teaching in the Woman’s Clairvoyant Training Program. It has been such a pleasure to develop my teaching skills and dive into the information!