Some of you may have heard the news that I had to put my dog down last week.  If you knew me, you would have known that she was everything to me. I mean everything.  I used to call her my heart.  Looking back on it all I’m not sure how healthy that was, but it was my truth and that’s how it was for the last 13 years.  

She was my primary companion. Although I had relationships during that time, she was the constant one.  She was always there.  She was a great dog and I loved her. 

She started slowing down a few years ago and last April I found out that she had a tumor. I opted out of surgery since she was an older dog and it seemed like it was that time. As a psychic and a sensitive, I kept receiving communication that it was time to let her go. She was tired and really only existing for me. I had stressed about my decision of opting out of surgery, but as time went on it just made more sense. I got the sense that when she was ready to go, I would know. And when it happened I did.  

When I came home that Sunday night, she was not herself. I called my neighbor for a ride to the hospital and I knew this was it. We arrived at the hospital and the Doctor confirmed my thoughts, offering surgery as an option but with a low recovery rate. I couldn’t believe it: the time had finally come. I had been stressing about this for the last year, every day thinking this may be it.  I have never had anyone close to me pass away so this was all new for me.  Very surreal.  I spent the next 2 hours processing it, spending my last moments with her.

Then it was time. I signed the papers and the doctor came in to the room and it was just the three of us. The doctor did his thing and let me and Love have our final moments together on this amazing, crazy spiritual journey.  I loved her more than anything in this world, she was my heart. She was ready to go.  

Then that was it, her spirit left her body.  I felt a sense of relief knowing that she was free from the pain.  Her spirit revealed itself to me and it was full of life and laughter and she was free.  I cried for a few days, packed up most of her stuff, and picked up her ashes. As the days started to add up I began to feel like I had more space in my life than I ever had. I felt free.  I had been feeling a lot of her pain over the last year and once she was gone the pain in me lifted away. I had so much more energy than ever before.  I had this desire to spend time with people, socialize, have relationships with people! I had isolated myself a lot during her last year and now all I wanted to do was be out with people, enjoying life.  This seemingly horrible turn of events ended up setting us both free. We had a great life together and I will never forget her. It was the end of Love, but it is just the Beginning

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