I was asked the other day if InVision Meditation is about being selfless. It isn’t. Once, I was asked if it was okay to just space out and go blank. Well sure of course it is, but that isn't meditation. Other people have told me in no uncertain terms that the goal of all meditation is to lose who you are, to lose yourself. Well I want to burst that bubble right now. It absolutely is not. No way!

To meditate is to be selfish. People who meditate are some of the most self centered people that I know. They have big, healthy egos. Now, when I say being self-centered I don’t mean it in a spoiled teenager kind of way. Being centered on yourself is a very positive stance for you to take; it is compassionate and it is life affirming. You need to be selfish in order to put yourself first.

To make time for yourself in this age of non-stop work days and constant pressures can seem like a luxury. And yet, what is the point of all of your hard work if you are disconnected and not able to enjoy it? Meditation focuses your energy back to what is important. Rather than leaving yourself scattered or just generally depleted, you can center and focus your energy. This is a different way to Meditate. It is about creating focus and the best place to focus is yourself.

Meditation then becomes an agent of change: It is powerful. In the most wonderful way, when you meditate, you get unstuck. Your energy begins to flow, your creativity turns on, and you become revitalized. Even though these changes happen inside of you, a curious thing happens. When you change inside, the world outside of you seems to adjust and change, too. It feels like you are living in a more true and authentic life. Meditating with more of your energy feels great.

Having more energy allows you to do what you might have seen as impossible, in part because you have more energy, but also because a space opens up inside of you. It is tangible, it is real, and you feel more in and connected to your life, not standing outside of yourself looking in.

When you meditate in this way you step away from the world, you close your eyes and focus. The idea is that for a few minutes a day rather than solving all of your problems, you put yourself first and you make sure that you are on track. It is a selfish act, and yet it is also an act of kindness to put yourself first.

The InVision Meditation Class is a foundation. This class offers the essential techniques and information to learn and develop your energy, your space, and strengthen yourself.

At InVision we do not see this as an end, but as the beginning. It is the beginning of a life self centered, aligned to your goals, vibrant and healthy. InVision Meditation doesn’t change you, it makes more room for you. It is a new way to Meditate.