Have you ever played an instrument that was out of tune? No matter what you play it doesn't sound good, it doesn't feel right. And if you play regularly, you know that you need to tune your instrument regularly. You tune a Guitar, you tune a Piano, you tune a Drum because it doesn't sound right if you don't.

People are the same way, we get out of tune. It works on all levels; physical, emotional, familial, mental, and psychic. We hit something (we get stuck or blocked) or we simply go out of tune over time. And then no matter what we are playing, it doesn't feel good, we don't feel right. We can be having the hardest time. We are struggling and it's not fun.

This is often how I see people who are seeking out InVision: they are "out of tune." Many people are feel stuck in their life. They are playing, they are playing hard, they've been playing a long time, and it isn't working. 

They could use an Energy Healing. An Energy Healing is a tuning for your Life-Force and your body so that they are in sync. So you can play and it feels good, it feels right. You are back in tune. 

Actually, I think you could say that most people walk around "out of tune" all the time. They create discord. They are not in harmony. They are unhappy and angry because no matter what they play at, it doesn't feel right. They are not playing their own song.

Another problem is that just like musical instruments, there isn't one kind of person. How you tune an oboe is different from how you tune a banjo. Musical instruments all sound different, they are not the same. And like musical instruments we are all different, we are not all the same. We each tune up differently.

And to complicate matters worse, we are all playing different songs. What is right for one person is not right for another because not only are we different people with different tunings, but what we are aiming for might be different too. People are complicated! 

However just because we are tuned differently doesn't mean that anything goes. Each of us actually has a very specific tuning. And when we are out of balance, we are in discord. We need tuning. And we may not have been in tune for a very long time so that we don't even know what it feels like when we are.

Working with Energy is like music. The creativity, the awareness, the idea of being in harmony and having rhythm all correspond to the ways of playing in your life. If Meditation is finding your song, finding your muse., then Energy Healing is tuning your instrument, and getting into harmony. 

InVision offers Meditation and Healing throughout the week. We work with tuning up people in a variety of ways. Please stop by to learn more about finding your answers about getting back in tune.

Summer Psychic Classes begin next week. Join us and let's begin again.

Kenneth Jones
Director of InVision