I have found that people don't want to be called psychic. But I have also found that those same people are always up to talking about their own psychic experiences, then everything changes.

It's a beautiful thing to talk to new people about their own psychic experiences and to tell them that their abilities that are innate and human. They love to tell me their stories of how integral being psychic is in their lives. I heard stories of knowing who is going to call before the phone rings. They tell me about dreams that they have had, feelings, seeing things that are not there, intuitions, and much more. 

On July 19th, I had the pleasure to be invited as a teacher to represent InVision at an event with Yelp Chicago. The event was a “Drink and Learn event at WorkSpring,” bringing together influencers, bloggers, Instagrammers, and Chicago's Top Yelpers to see a beautiful space and learn new skills.

When I accepted the invitation, I wanted to change peoples ideas of what it means to be psychic. I set out to do this by highlighting not only how naturally psychic each person is, but also to identify which psychic skill they were using the strongest in their life. 

To do this I brought an amazing team of InVision readers, Meghan, Cyril, and Seth, lead by Autumn Jones. Each reader wore a t-shirt with a different psychic ability on it: dreamer, clairvoyant, intuitive, empath, and healer. 

The readers gave readings on all 5 psychic abilities and identified which was their dominant ability. We called this their psychic superpower! The readers then placed a sticker on the readee with their Psychic Super Power on it, this was so fun. We read 45 people in 2 hours and had a waiting list of 36 more people when we finished. 

While the readers were working their magic, I was giving non-stop 25 min lectures on what each of the 5 abilities are, and what it means to have them. I showed them real life examples of the ability, and a few meditation exercises that are helpful to each. I started at 7:00pm with The Healer, and culminated at 9:00pm with The Dreamer. 

It was fun to see people smile when they realized they were a healer, or the couple who cracked up because they realized one was an empath and the other an intuitive, they even did mini-clairvoyant readings. Overall it was a night full of laughter, and more than a few minds where blown. Mission accomplished! Check out our video of all of the fun pictures we took that day. Enjoy!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, let’s do it again some day,
Natalia Jones
Director of the Woman's Program at InVision