Downtown Psychics is the professional event division of InVision. We have participated at dozens of events, including Bright Pink's FabFest 2014, Macy's Glamorama, Metta Movement at lululemon Athletica, and others. We bring our most seasoned readers and healers to help the organizers create a memorable and fun experience for their guests. 

InVision Psychics are an excellent addition to events of all kinds, we relate to and can bring readers and healers that appeal to all demographics, genders, and causes. Everyone loves the excitement and mystery of getting a psychic reading!

Our readers and healers practice clairvoyance (the art of clear seeing). Our readings are done without the help of any types of tools (we do not read cards, palms, crystal balls or use pendulums).  Our setup needs are simple and we can bring enough readers and healers to work with groups that are small or very large. 

A line of people waiting for readings at the Bright Pink FabFest Chicago 2014

A line of people waiting for readings at the Bright Pink FabFest Chicago 2014

The readings we provide are accurate, lighthearted, poignant,  fun - and can be designed to go along with the theme of your event; for instance, we often do readings focused on past lives during the autumn around Halloween, and love readings in the month of February. 

We will work with you to customize and select themes and readers that will be able to uniquely speak to your guests. We look forward to your invitation and to adding a little magic to your next event. Please use the contact form below to inquire about Downtown Psychics, or email Kirstin Travers directly at

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