Energy Healings with staff

Many of InVision's Staff are skilled and experienced Energy Healers who offer unique, specialized Energy Healings. To book a session, use the Online Scheduler at the bottom of the page. "Select a Session Type" and a date on the calendar that you are interested in. Click "Search" and see what dates and times are available. Follow the instructions and book your Energy Healing!


Woman's Healing with Natalia Jones

A special one on one Energy Healing from the Director of InVision's Woman's Program. Natalia has worked with thousands of women over the last 20 years helping them find themselves, their energy, and connecting to the mystery inside of them. Renew your life-force in a uniquely feminine way by reconnecting to the mystery from which you come.
Healings are available both in person and online. Contact Natalia Jones for more information at or book your appointment below. The cost is $100.


Healing for the Empath

An empath is someone who has access to emotions on a deep and profound level. Life as an empath can feel overwhelming when the emotions of other people run our lives and disconnect us from our own emotions. These Healings will focus on clearing out other people's energy and connecting you with your unique energy, so you can have a profound experience of intimacy with yourself as you move through the world.

These special Healings are available for a limited time through January 2018 for only $75. The Healings are 45 minutes. Book your appointment below or contact Seth James for more information.


Woman's Spirit Healing with Kristine

The Woman’s Spirit Healing is an extraordinary way to restore yourself as well as awaken your creativity. When you are aligned with your spirit you are magnetic, polarizing, and unstoppable. Your energy is easily directed towards creating a life that you desire.
These magical healings have limited availability and are offered online or in person. Book your appointment below, or contact Kristine Anderson, Woman's Clairvoyant Teacher, for more information. The cost is $100.

Creativity Healings with Karin

Dreams are a wonderful way to play outside of the box and find new inspiration. Creativity Healings are a way to bring that inspiration into your life. These healings remove energetic blocks and demands to unlock the flow of your creative juices. You can direct your true unique energy into your art, your work, your relationships, your home, or wherever you want to empower beauty and shake things up.

Karin Mills, Astral Teacher, offers these private 35 minute Creativity Healings on select Thursdays and Sundays. Book your appointment below.  For more information contact Karin Mills. The cost is $75.