Energy Healings with Students

Each semester, students from the advanced Psychic Trainings offer specialty Energy Healings as a part of their curriculum. In Person Healings take place at InVision in downtown Chicago. All of the Healings are designed to bring your unique energy to the forefront of your life.  To book a session, use the Online Scheduler at the bottom of the page.  Select a date on the calendar and click "Search." You will see the dates and times available. Follow the instructions and book your Energy Healing.


Astral Body Healings

Astral Body Healings are 30 minute In Person healings given by the Astral Body Training students. As you relax in a spa setting, the Healers work with your Astral Body in profound ways. Benefits include improved sleep, enhanced dreaming, and realignment to your higher self. These healings are a great way to care for yourself during the holiday season. They also make great gifts! Astral Body Healings are available Wednesday evenings through January, 2018. Use the scheduler below to book your date and time.