Reading Specials

Reading Specials are offered by the Staff of InVision. Each is offered for a limited time. To book a session, use the Online Scheduler at the bottom of the page. "Select a Session Type" and enter a "Location" if you want to meet in person. Select a date on the calendar and click "Search." You will see the dates and times available. Follow the instructions and book your Reading!


Accessing Your Intuition

With Autumn Jones: Your intuition is a knowing that comes from deep within you. It is something magical that you can’t explain to anyone else. Our Intuition is constantly communicating with us, but sometimes we can get bogged down by everyday life and we stop listening.

These special readings will show you where you use your intuition, and help you connect with this deep part of yourself again.

They are available Online only on Thursday, September 7th. For more information, you can email Autumn at These readings are 30 minutes. The cost is only $35.

Finding Yourself as a Woman

With Natalia Jones: Have you ever felt like you have lost some essence of yourself or you seem to be lost in your own life? As women today we are presented with opportunities and challenges that our mothers and grand mothers could never imagine. And it can be overwhelming.
This very special Psychic Reading delves into your life to find that essence that has been missing and bring it back home to you. It is about realigning yourself to your true goals and dreams. To make the life that your truly desire.

Natalia is the Director of the Woman's Clairvoyant Training and has been an active Reader for close to 20 years. She has worked with thousands of people in her workshops, classes, trainings, and readings. The cost is $175.