Reading Specials

Reading Specials are offered by the Staff of InVision. Each is offered for a limited time. To book a session, use the Online Scheduler at the bottom of the page. "Select a Session Type" and enter a "Location" if you want to meet in person. Select a date on the calendar and click "Search." You will see the dates and times available. Follow the instructions and book your Reading!


"Vitality" A Psychic Reading

On July 13 with Autumn Jones: Your body communicates with you all of the time, whether it is with feelings, sensations, or emotions. In the midst of life, it can be hard to listen to what your body is telling you. This magical reading looks at the health and wellness of your body, your relationship with it, and what your body is desiring so you can be the best you.

These readings are available Online only on Thursday, July 13th. For more information, you can email Autumn at These readings are 30 minutes. Cost is only $35.


Reading FoR Performers

With Tessa Blackman: If you are a musician, actor, dancer, or just like to be on stage, this reading is for you! We will be exploring you as a performer and getting to the essence of your expression. I will be calling back your energy from previous performances and reading how you communicate with your audience. To perform is a gift but to perform from your truth is magical.

Book your appointment below or contact Tessa at for more information. The cost is $125.