Energy Healing

To book a session, use the Online Scheduler at the bottom of the page. "Select a Session Type" and enter. Select a date on the calendar and click "Search." Follow the instructions and book your Healing!.


Astral Body Healing

The Astral Body is the body we use in our dreams, it is also the body that we use when we act spiritually.

When we are going through a particularly challenging time or have been through a lot of adversity in our lives, these experiences are brought forth into and effect our dream life and Astral Body.

This energy build up is experienced by people who are having trouble sleeping and/or are having trouble with their dreams. Cost is $50.00.

Woman's Spirit Healing

The Woman’s Spirit Healing is an extraordinary way to restore yourself as well as awaken your creativity. When you are aligned with your spirit you are magnetic, polarizing, and unstoppable. Your energy is easily directed towards creating a life that you desire.

The Healings are performed by 3 Healers clearing energy blocks that stop you from connecting to your source. There are a limited number of these Healings available for the month of July.  These are available In Person on Sundays and Online on Thursdays. For more information contact Kristine Anderson. The cost is only $50.