Energy Healing

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Creativity Healings with Karin

A private Healing with Karin Mills, Astral Teacher.
Dreams are a wonderful way to play outside of the box and find the new inspiration. Creativity Healings are a way to bring that inspiration into your life. These healings remove energetic blocks and demands to unlock the flow of your creative juices. You can direct your true unique energy into your art, your work, your relationships, your home, or wherever you want to empower beauty and shake things up.

Karin Mills, Astral Teacher, will be offering 35 minute Creativity Healings on Thursday the 24th, and Saturday the 26th for $75.

Astral Body Healings with Karin

A private Healing with Karin Mills, Astral Teacher.
You will have the opportunity to discuss your particular needs, such as having more clarity in your dreams, removing the blocks to dreaming creatively, or clearing the energy of restlessness and nightmares.

Karin will then perform an Astral Body Healing to address your issues, and talk with you afterwards about ways to maximize the impact of the healing in your home. Your dreams affect you on a very personal level. Creating and having a rich and abundant dream life will enrich all aspects of your life. The cost is $75.