Psychic Class information

What are InVision Psychic Classes
InVision offers live, on camera classes taught by world-class psychics who love teaching. As well as being psychic themselves, each instructor has years of experience teaching meditation and psychic abilities to people who want to grow and learn as much as you do. InVision offers classes in Meditation, Intuition, Dreaming, Energy Healing, and other Psychic Abilities. Psychic Classes are 6 weeks in length meeting once a week for 90 minutes. There are no DVDs, CDs, or books. Our on camera classes are taught live in our Online Classrooms.

Online Classroom
InVision uses state of the art software to provide our Online Classroom experience. Both video and audio come in crystal clear if you have an up to date computer and high speed internet access. You can use a computer, smart phone, or tablet to participate in the class.  We encourage you to use a computer if possible because it allows us to interact with you online in different and exciting ways.

Join the Convo
Each Psychic Class has it's own private Social Media page just for the Staff and Students. It is the central hub of the class. You can ask your teacher questions, get personalized responses, post pictures and videos and share stories about your process as you move through the class. In addition, we post weekly meditations, assignments, and class recordings in the private group page. This will keep you up to date on the latest with the Class, InVision, and your fellow students. Students are encouraged to chime in.

Recordings on SoundCloud
You have access to your Psychic Class at any time. After the live class happens, an audio recording of the class is posted on SoundCloud by the next day. The recordings are kept up for the duration of the class. If you miss a class or would like to revisit some of the information, use any device with an internet connection and start listening. You may listen to the classes as many times as you would like.

Kirstin Travers - Director of the  Psychic Classes at inVision.

Kirstin Travers - Director of the  Psychic Classes at inVision.

Meet Ups at InVision
During the class series there are always a few Meet Ups for people to get together at InVision and meet the staff and each other in person. Some of these are Meditations, and some are more Social Events.

The core 6 week InVision Meditation Classes are $300 or $275 if paid online in advance. The Specialty Psychic Classes are $350 or $325 if paid online in advance.

For more information about the Psychic Classes, or for more information about being psychic, contact Kirstin Travers, Director of the Psychic Classes at InVision, at