Psychic Training Information

InVision Psychic Trainings are stunning 22-week trainings developing the sixth sense of Clairvoyance and applying it to different aspects of yourself. This psychic ability to see and “read" energy is literally moving from a world of black and white to a world of living color. It changes everything. It is a skill that you can use throughout your life. The Clairvoyant Trainings Level 1 and Level 2 are the basis of all of the other Trainings and are prerequisites to the other Trainings. Level 1 of InVision Meditation is the prerequisite to Clairvoyant Training Level 1.

InVision Psychic Trainings Available

  • Clairvoyant Training 1
  • Clairvoyant Training 2
  • Woman's Clairvoyant Training 1
  • Woman's Clairvoyant Training 2
  • Men's Clairvoyant Training
  • Astral Body Training 1
  • Astral Body Training 2
  • Psychic Teacher Training

When Do Trainings Begin?

Psychic Training semesters begin twice a year.  In 2018, the semesters begin on February 25th and August 26th. 

How long is a Psychic Training?

Each semester lasts 22 weeks or about 5 months.  Class is held once a week online using our Online Classroom software. You will get to interact with other students and read online together. 

Developing Your Meditation Practice

As a Psychic Training student, you are required to meditate for 30 minutes a day and 15 minutes before a class or a reading for the duration of the training.

Participating in Psychic Readings

Psychic Training Students participate in a minimum of two Psychic Readings per week. You are welcomed and encouraged to participate in more if you would like.

Psychic Skills Checks

Skills Checks are individual sessions with an InVision Teacher to help you refine and develop your techniques and skills. They are part of  the Clairvoyant Training and are offered once a month to students. They are available online and are 30 minutes long.

Class Recordings

All classes are recorded and available online for you 24/7 for the duration of the training if you miss a class or wish to revisit earlier classes.

Join the Conversation

Each Psychic Training has its own private Social Media page just for the Staff and Students. It is the central hub of the class. Weekly class recordings, meditations, and additional class assignments are posted in the private group page. In addition, you may ask your teacher questions, get personalized responses, post pictures and videos, and share stories about your process as you move through the training.


The total cost of a Psychic Training is $2250. This payment consists of a downpayment of $450 upon registration and six additional payments of $300 over the course of the training.