Psychic Reading Specials

Reading Specials are Psychic Readings on specific themes offered for a limited time by the Staff of InVision. To book a session, use the Online Scheduler at the bottom of the page. "Select an Appointment Type". Select a date on the calendar and click "Search." You will see the dates and times available. Follow the instructions and book your Reading!


A Woman's Reading

With Lisa McGuire: Connect to your unique female energy and become the attractive force in your life with this special Psychic Reading. Lisa is on Staff in the Woman's Clairvoyant Training. In addition to helping women turn on their abilities in readings and classes, she is a creative and a musician.
She is offering these Woman's Readings for a special price through January 31st. Book your appointment below or contact Lisa directly for more information at The cost is only $75.


End of an Era - Psychic Reading

With Christopher Rhodes: As 2017 comes to a close, many things as we know them are on their way out of existence. This applies to World matters as well as personal ones. Some say it's the end of an era. Could this be true for you as well?

In this private Reading session, I will take a look at where you are completing cycles in your own life. A great end marks the sign of a great new beginning. The cost is only $125.


The Force You Were Meant To Be

With Amber Kouba: We all have a purpose in life, and there is a part of us that knows and a part that forgets. Accessing your truth can lead you to your purpose, and you may want to start at the beginning. The energy you chose to enter with in this life can tell you a great deal about what your life purpose is, and that is your original essence.

In this special reading, I will look at that specific aspect of your energy.  What’s happened to it and how can you reconnect? Create space to have a deeper connection with the bigger picture of your life. Isn’t it time to take your life to the next level? The cost is $100.


Being a Creative Force

With Kelly Rabbath: Special Reading available until the end of the year!  In this 50 minute Reading, Kelly looks at the Energy of you as a Creative Force exploring questions like: What makes you a powerful Creative? Where is your Creativity working in your life? What does it look like when you are reaching your full Creative potential personally and professionally? 

Everything that exists was once just one person's idea. Your power to create something is knowing how to make it real. Book below. The cost is $100.


Recurring Dream Reading & Healing

With Karin Mills: People have recurring dreams to gain mastery with a particular energy. If there is a nightmare quality to it, that is an energy that is interfering and can be cleared. Whether the dream involves a repeated action, revisiting the same place, or meeting the same person time and again, it is ultimately about you achieving something.

This reading will focus on what you are after and will be followed by a healing on your astral body to clear any stuck energy preventing movement forward. Book below or contact Karin Mills for more information. Cost is $125.