Psychic Class Student Resources

The following are individual sessions available for all students of InVision. To schedule an appointment look at the bottom of the page for the scheduler. "Select a Session Type" and pick the date that you are interested in. Make your selection and hit "Search." A list of options will become  available. Make your selection and follow the instructions to book your session.

Skills Checks.jpeg

Skills Checks

Skills Checks are individual sessions with a teacher to help you refine and develop your psychic techniques and skills.

They are available online and are open to all InVision Students. Skills Checks are 30 minutes. The cost is $50.


Teacher Meetings

InVision Teachers keep online office hours  available for meetings with clients and students.

The teacher will message you with details on how to log in to their Online Meeting Room. Meetings are 15 minutes.


Energy Healing Updates

Energy Healing Updates refresh your healing energy and information from the Energy Healing Classes.

The Energy Healing Class is a prerequisite. Each session are an hour. The cost is $100.